Petros And Money React To JT Daniels Being Granted Immediate Eligibility


Petros reacts to JT Daniels tweet on being granted immediate eligibility to Georgia in the 2020 season.


Thank you to the NCAA for granting me immediate eligibility and allowing me to play football this fall. I will not comment on the waiver or transfer, but look forward to a great 2020 season with my teammates.


No one should ever be blocked from transferring anywhere ever again because if JT could go without sitting out, anyone can.
JT has been able to somehow cut through the red tape of an early high school exit and now, he has been able to cut through all the red tape of a major transfer from what is suppose to be a powerhouse program to another powerhouse program without any questions asked.
For the first time in his college career, he is going to compete for a job.

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Photo: Getty Images

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