Astros Fan Issues An Apology To Dodgers Fans Everywhere

An Astro fan has come forward and issued an apology to the MLB and Dodgers fans everywhere. On Reddit, a user decided to rant and issue a complete apology for what the Astros did over the course of the last couple of years. Part 1 is above followed by the rest of the apology below.

You guys and gals deserve better. I don't know how in good conscience any Astros baseball fan going forward would or could accept the lack of judgement placed on those players responsible that cheated. I have personally decided that with good conscience and for the love of the sport that I shouldn't be an Astros fan anymore. I wanted to apologize for every troglodytic Houston fan that has trudged through the local swamps of south east Texas to justify and belittle what the teams cheating did you and the rest of the league.
Full apologies.
PS I was considering making you guys my new team as I kiss the feet of Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Unfortunately I went with my heart and I'm full on Mets.

Early this year, the team fired manager AJ Hinch, and General Manager Jeff Lundhow in January after being fined $5 million and docked several draft picks for the scheme. Both had been suspended for one year by Robert D. Manfred, the Major League Baseball commissioner, who has been intensely criticized for not punishing any of the players and not vacating the Astros’ World Series title from 2017.

Photo: Getty Images

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