The Los Angeles Chargers Reveal New Uniforms

The best uniforms in the NFL just got even better.

Defensive end Joey Bosa appeared on NFL Network’s ‘Good Morning Football’ today to showcase the new threads that the Bolts will be supporting moving forward. There was a lot of hype surrounding the uniforms as current and former players have used social media to tease the general population with their reactions as they witnessed them.

Los Angeles’ white helmet remains intact, as does the gold facemask first introduced with the team’s Color Rush set in 2016. The only differences are the updated logo and the addition of the numbers on both sides of the helmet.

The Chargers’ home and road uniforms, meanwhile, are navy blue, matching the new primary logo. They feature a simplified design on the shoulders, notably lacking the contrasting panels that previously housed the lightning bolts, and a new custom number font that pulls inspiration from the car culture of Los Angeles in the 1960s.

Los Angeles kept its royal blue Color Rush uniform in the rotation but also unveiled an all-navy Color Rush uniform that follows the same design as the home and road sets, but completely and interestingly lacks powder blue. Whenever that uniform is worn, the team will swap the helmet decals with a new navy blue and gold version of primary logo, while the facemask will change from gold to navy blue, as well. The Chargers now have four different pairs of pants, each of which include the simplified bolt design. The white and yellow pants are the only ones that can be worn with the home and road set, however, while the royal and navy blue pants go with their monochrome Color Rush sets, respectively.

How do you like the uniforms?

Photo: Getty Images

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