Bench Clearing Brawl Breaks Out In Chinese Professional Baseball League

While sports have shut down all around the world due to the spread of COVID-19, many areas of the world have been deemed safe for the return of competition. Among those is Taiwan, where baseball returned this week in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, the five-team league based out of the island.

A bench-clearing brawl broke out during a Taiwanese professional baseball game on Sunday, getting extra attention from the outside world as Taiwan is the only country with active professional sports games as of right now.

Fight breaks out during a Chinese Professional Baseball League game on Sunday when a pitcher from the Fubon Guardians intentionally struck a batter from the Rakuten Monkeys.

As soon as Sosa's pitch connected, both teams swarmed onto the field and started pushing and shoving each other. After the dust settled, the umpires decided not to eject any players and allowed the game to continue.

In the end, the Monkeys defeated the Guardians with a score of 3-1.

Photo: Getty Images

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