Magic Johnson Talks LeBron's Legacy, Shaq-Kobe/Jordan-Pippen & Dodgers

magic johnson

Magic Johnson joins Fred Roggin and Rodney Peete to talk about possibly when we could get sports back, Shaq's comments on if Kobe & Shaq's Lakers could beat the Bulls, and where LeBron James' legacy is as of right now.

Magic Johnson on sports coming back:

Even if it is without fans, I would rather have sports back. It would help if we have sports on our TV during this time.
We love our sports here in the United States. When we work hard Monday-Friday and how do we escape from it? Through sports. Sports is color blind and that is what makes it so special.

Magic Johnson on the Bulls-Lakers argument:

Shaq would have been the difference. We all know Kobe-Michael would have cancelled each other out. The Bulls had no great centers. What Shaq would have done with all those guys it would have not been fair.
The Lakers role players are better than the Bulls role players. It would have been so much fun to seen though. I always told Jordan you wouldn't be able to handle.

Magic Johnson on the Dodgers:

"I just want a World Series ring for Kershaw. He deserves to have a championship ring and I want to see Clayton ride on that float."

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