Fan Agrees To Pay $4,000 To Charity For Date With Genie Bouchard

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Genie Bouchard has been open about her dating life many times in the past, and it appeared to have landed the tennis star a date and a hefty donation to charity made on her behalf.

Bouchard joined media personality Allie LaForce on an Instagram live feed to benefit charity on Saturday night. LaForce and her husband, Joe Smith from the Houston Astros, have partnered with Project Frontline to provide meals to healthcare workers involved in the fight against coronavirus. Bouchard recently revealed on social media that she has been spending a lot of time alone during the quarantine and is single, which led to a discussion about her dating life.

A fan named Bob began commenting on the Instagram live feed multiple times that he loves Bouchard, he eventually got the attention of both Bouchard and LaForce. As James Matthey of recapped, Bob eventually FaceTimed with the ladies and Bouchard called it “refreshing” that he hit on her face-to-face rather than just behind a keyboard. Bob later sent Bouchard a DM asking her to “Netflix and chill,” and Bouchard agreed. Then came the negotiations.

The two eventually settled on $1,600 for a FaceTime date or $4,000 for an in-person meeting. It’s unclear if the date will actually take place with the coronavirus pandemic still forcing most of the country to remain at home, but the terms of the deal are in place.

Photo: Getty Images

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