Insider Suggests LeBron James Does Not Want To Finish The Season

LeBron James was one of the first players to publicly state that he did not want to continue the NBA season if fans were not in the stands. Here is what he said:

“We play games without the fans? Nah, that’s impossible,” James told the reporters. “I ain’t playing if I ain’t got the fans in the crowd. That’s who I play for. I play for my teammates, and I play for the fans. That’s what it’s all about. So if I show up to an arena and there ain’t no fans in there, I ain’t playing. They can do what they want to do.”

Ric Bucher thinks it’s a lot more to his statement than him not wanting to play without fans.

The radio host and NBA writer is claiming that LeBron does not want the NBA to continue its suspended season as he would be at a disadvantage. He thinks LeBron would look much better if the season gets canceled because he would be praised for having the Lakers first in the West, as opposed to if the team gets knocked out of the playoffs early.

Photo: Getty Images

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