Kobe Bryant's Towel From His Last Game Sells For Thousands

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

A towel that the late Kobe Bryant used during his final game with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016 sold for $33,077 during a virtual auction on Sunday.

According to the listing on Iconic Auctions, the towel was in “fine condition, exhibiting light staining which matches footage of the day,” and also came with two game tickets. There were 16 bids in the lot, which started at $3,000.

During his final game with the NBA on April 13, 2016, against the Utah Jazz, Bryant ended his 20-year career by scoring 60 points for the Lakers. A fan reportedly grabbed the towel as Bryant exited the court and then sold it that same year for $8,365, CNN reported. The new owner contacted Iconic Auctions last month about selling the towel in their upcoming auction, Jeff Woolf, president of Iconic Auctions, told the network.

This time, the memorabilia was purchased by David Kohler, who is known for having the largest collection of Lakers memorabilia in the world, Woolf said.

“He is a devoted Lakers fan,” Woolf told CNN. “His long-term plan is to create a museum in Southern California.”

Photo: Getty Images

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