Vin Scully Shares A Hopeful Message: "We Can Fight Through This"

During this tough time for so many people around the world, what a better person to uplift us and bring us joy than Vin Scully. Bill Plaschke from the Los Angeles Times decided to grab the phone and catch up with Vin Scully. Here are some things Vin had to say:

We’re like everybody else, we’re hunkered down. But for me, I’ve been hunkered down ever since we hung things up at the end of ‘16, I’m very accustomed to being at home …it’s that old line, if it wasn’t for doctor appointments we wouldn’t have a social life at all.
Once in a while one of our children can come over and visit … we have a pretty large master bedroom, so they can sit quite a few feet away just to say hello. But there’s no hugging and kissing and nothing like that … we’re trying very hard to follow the rules … the kids are scared that they will bring in something that will just blow me away … it’s a very difficult time to go without hugs, you know?

The 92-year-old announcer, who has seen the nation battle through many hardships before, is self-isolating at home like many others as coronavirus pandemic sweeps through the country. But it has not stopped the broadcasting legend from keeping an optimistic outlook on life.

Photo: Getty Images

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