Fans Are Hitting Astros Batters In MLB The Show 20

It looks like many fans still are taking matters in to their own hands and are punishing the Houston Astros for the cheating scandal.

MLB announced on Thursday that it was suspending operations amid the global COVID-19 pandemic. The season will eventually begin, but right now we don’t know when that will be. As of right now, the baseball we are getting is watching old highlights or playing the latest edition of MLB The Show.

Once the game dropped, many fans decided to play as their favorite team and hit Astros batters one by one. It comes to as no surprise to see that players of the game are taking matters into their own hands, using virtual pitchers to throw at or near some Astros:

As for the real thing, many executives and players around the league believe the MLB season won’t resume until May at the earliest. The league plans to re-evaluate its plans after two weeks. However, the uncertainty of the increasing spread of COVID-19 will likely result in the game being suspended for at least another month.

Photo: Getty Images

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