Young Mets Fan Trolls The Houston Astros With A Sign Of His Own

This Spring Training has been one never before seen in Major League Baseball. The Houston Astros have been targeted by teams and fans alike for the scandal that was exposed by former Houston Astros pitcher Mike Fiers back in November 2019.

Fans, opposing teams, and even sportscasters have taken turns giving out their opinion on the whole scandal that occurred. However, this young Mets fan decided to take matters in to his own hands at the Spring Training game on Sunday between the Mets and Astros.

The Mets fan ran around holding a sign up that said the word "fastball" as a way to to troll the Houston Astros for all the news that has been coming out the last few months.

All the members of the Astros have no doubt been getting used to all the backlash that has come over the past month at Spring Training. With Opening Day just a little over two weeks ago, it might be safe to say the worst is yet come.

Photo: Getty Images

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