Scott Boras On Kobe Bryant & Granting Lexi Altobelli An Internship

lexi scott

Agent Scott Boras joins David Vassegh on Dodger Talk to talk about granting one of Kobe Bryant's final wishes by getting Lexi Altobelli with an internship, knowing Kobe Bryant in the community & more.

On granting Lexi Altobelli with an internship:

Lexi and her brother JJ had been in the office and we set up a plan for her. We are really looking forward to the summer & doing a lot of things internally, and sharing the game. I knew John Altobelli and he is a real statured person in our community.
When I got the call from Rob, having lost two of my clients, obviously Rob was shaken and wanted to share what had occurred. For all of us, it's something that is hard to gauge.

Listen to the conversation!

Photo: Getty Images

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