Fan Places Giant Asterisk Next To Astros 2017 WS Sign At Spring Training

The Houston Astros saga has taken over the offseason completely & has been dominating news just two weeks in to Spring Training. The difference is that now, Astros players are catching backlash from fans at stadiums before the regular season even starts.

The team was at the Ballpark of The Palm Beaches, which is the spring training home for the Astros and Washington Nationals where they participate in the Grapefruit League. Both teams flaunt their recent World Series titles next to their massive logos on either side of the facility, but Houston’s looked a little different.

A fan went down there and placed a huge asterisk next to Houston’s sign that displayed their one and only 2017 World Series title.

The Houston Astros know there will be targets on their backs going into the regular season following revelations that they were using cameras to steal signs from opposing pitchers during their 2017 World Championship season.

Photo: Getty Images

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