Jimmy Nelson On His Possible Role With LA & Overcoming An Injury Mentally

The newest Dodger Jimmy Nelson joins Roggin & Rodney to discuss his comeback from his shoulder injury, his role on the Dodgers for 2020 & more!

Nelson on the mental aspect of the shoulder injury:

A lot of dark days honestly and it could take a toll on your family and relationships in general. I had a lot of resources to help me through those mental hurdles and challenges and I feel like it is going to be a valuable life experience.

Nelson on his role with the team in 2020:

Hopefully come here and start. I have always been a starter and I feel like I am durable enough to be a starter. Psychically I am in good or even better shape than I ever was.
I just want to help with games man. No matter what role I am in, I'm going to give it everything that I have got.

Listen to the conversation!

jimmy nelson

Photo: Getty Images

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