Derek Carr On Handling The Speculation & Rumors At The QB Position

Derek Carr talks about officially leaving for Oakland for Las Vegas, blocking out the noise when it comes to trade speculation, & more!

Derek Carr on the last season in Oakland:

It was very weird. It was hard for our fans to say goodbye. Lot of people are still hurt and rightfully so by the fact that the team is moving. A Raider is a Raider.

Derek Carr the rampant speculation at the QB position:

It’s funny, the way things are nowadays with social media, organizations that care about what is said on the outside, tend to have a lot of problems and turnover. We are all on the same page from the owner to the general manager to the quarterback.
This has been happening every year of my career besides one. It use to be, once you find a guy that wins games, you hold on to him as long as you can. People don't understand it's hard and it takes village, a whole scheme, a whole team, all those things. Little bit of that old school mindset of being patient and doing things the right way is really gonna pay off for us.

Listen to the conversation below!

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