Fans Believe Account Defending Astros & Justin Verlander Is Actually Him

Since everything has come out over the past week, Justin Verlander has made no public comments about the punishment that was handed down to the Houston Astros after Major League Baseball determined the team cheated in 2017. But a Twitter has raised a lot of suspicions by adamantly defending the Cy Young Award winner on social media.

A Twitter user under the handle @Jonatha19721565 has been defending Verlander and Houston’s pitching staff since the anonymous person created the account just days ago. The first tweet from the account was composed on Friday, and it ridiculed Astros position players for not speaking out after “their actions put the Astros pitchers in such a bad situation.”

Verlander was traded to the Astros during the 2017 season, so it isn’t a leap to say the sign-stealing system was in place when he arrived. However, it is odd that this person claims to know the right-hander wanted to speak out about it. As of right now it is only speculation from people on Twitter, but it’s only natural to wonder if the person running the account could be connected to Verlander in some way.

Photo: Getty Images

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