Shawn Green Talks Sign Stealing, Technology & Alex Cora

Shawn Green joins Dodger Talk with David Vassegh to discuss technology that is happening in baseball, Astros scandal, and how the MLB moves on from this.

On the cheating scandal:

Once it gets to the point where a 3rd party participates in sign stealing, that is where the line gets crossed.
The bummer of the whole situation was the Dodgers were on the wrong end. The biggest tragedy of this whole thing is for Dodger fans.

On if the buzzing bandages are farfetched:

It is hard not to watch those types of things and be suspicious of a deeper technology.

On his former teammate Alex Cora:

He's the type of guy that has a super high baseball IQ and if there's an edge he is going to take. I don't know the details of his involvement, but he knows how to figure out the little things. He was the quarterback of the team and he's a really smart baseball man.

Listen to the conversation below!

shawn green

Photo: Getty Images

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