Jose Altuve Responds To Claims Astros Were Wearing Buzzing Bandages

MLB’s cheating scandal went to another level today as baseball twitter absolutely exploded with videos and pictures from the 2019 ALCS game. Second baseman Jose Altuve was front and center of all the madness today and has absolutely denied through his agent Scott Boras.

"Jose Altuve called me and said he wants it known that he has never, ever worn an electronic device in a major league game - ever," Boras told sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci. "He never received any form of a trigger or any information via an electronic product that was on his body or in his uniform. He has never worn any electronic device. Ever.

This all started after the Altuve and Bregman tweet, photos and videos from the 2019 ALCS began to flood Twitter. The most notable being the actual video of Altuve rounding third after his game-winning home run versus Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman.It appears Altuve really is telling his teammates to not yank his jersey off. You can see Altuve grasping the top of his jersey, as if to not let the jersey ride down.

Photo: Getty Images

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