Antonio Brown Makes Live Video Cursing Out Florida Cops

Antonio Brown Makes Instagram Live Video Cursing At Florida Police Officers

Former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown made headlines this weekend when he took to Instagram live to stream footage of himself berating police officers outside his home in Hollywood, FL. (FULL UNCENSORED VIDEO IN THIS LINK HERE - WARNING, BAD LANGUAGE)

In the video (NSFW), it appears Brown is screaming at the mother of one of his children, as her and several young kids get into the back of a police vehicle that looks to be parked outside of Brown’s residence.

Brown is heard in the 2-minute long rant repeatedly yelling expletives right in the direction of the officers, including calling the cops ‘p***ies' and ‘b**ches’ and at one time appears to looks towards a female cop and say ‘b*tch a** little cop, you wish you could take me you b*tch a** [n-word].

As the civilian woman is getting into the car with the children, Brown is screaming ‘you ain’t leaving with sh*t, get the f*ck out of here you bum a** h*e. B*tch try to come here and steal; b*tch you gonna leave in the police car!'

Once the police car leaves with the woman and the children, you can hear Brown telling the cops still at the scene to get away from his property, saying ‘these [n-words] can’t even get my key, get the f*ck otta here. B*tch a** [n-word]. These crackers don’t give justice to no [n-word]. Get the f*ck off my property you broke a** m*therf***ers.'

Brown then walks off his front patio to get closer to the street yelling at another cop walking by his head down looking away from Brown saying ‘Can’t do nothin!’, get your b*tch a** out of here! B*tch a** [n-word]. I know you want to take me to make the news. Congrats you made the news you b*tch a** [n-word]. The Bentley stays and the broke h** goes! F*ck outta here lil’ man! Get your b*tch a** out of here!'

Brown concludes the video with saying ‘Never trust the police!’ as well as dropping another burst of racial monikers while another person in the video is heard laughing.

After the video made headlines, Hollywood police returned a donation Brown had made that had gone to the department’s youth football league.

Brown hasn’t played since Week 2 when he caught a touchdown pass from Tom Brady as a member of the New England Patriots versus the Miami Dolphins.

Brown, 31, has reportedly been in contact with multiple teams throughout the season, most notably the New Orleans Saints who even gave him a tryout before Week 17, but he still remains unsigned.

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