Alex Caruso Speaks On LeBron James & Being A Lakers Fan Favorite

Alex Caruso joins the Petros & Money show to discuss his season with the Lakers right now, being a fan favorite, & being teammates with LeBron James.

On being a fan favorite:

I was playing in the G-League where I would have 50 people show up to games some places we go. Now, I got whatever number of followers on social media and people yelling at me at games and cheering for me & saying MVP at the line.
I know it is all fun and games but i truly do appreciate it. Just the journey I have taken has made me very humble. Stuff like that goes a long way for me showing appreciation for what I do.

On LeBron James:

Bron is such a high work ethic. People just know that he is always one of the first people in the gym, he is always very studious alert and attentive when we do film sessions. He puts so much in the game.

Listen to the conversation below!

alex caruso

Photo: Getty Images

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