Video Emerges Of White Sox P Kelvin Herrera Punching A Man In The Stands

Outside of the Houston Astros scandal taking over storylines this offseason, it has been very quiet since the Washington Nationals hoisted that World Series trophy at the end of last month.

Now, a video emerges of White Sox pitcher Kelvin Herrera hitting a man in the stands during a cockfight in the Dominican Republic. Shortly after the video emerged, Padillia (the man who was seen getting punched in the video) took to his YouTube channel to explain what happened and what was said by Herrera in his own words.

Padilla apparently says that says that Herrera didn’t want to bet with him, which was fine, but then the pitcher called him names. Padilla responded by saying what you’re calling me is what you are and that’s when Herrera hit Padilla, who had his arms crossed.

No reports of a police report has been filed as of right now.

Photo: Getty Images

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