Petros Speaks On Clay Helton's Future At USC

Petros talks about Clay Helton's future and why he should not return as USC head coach next season.

Petros on Clay Helton:

We continually hear Clay's explanation after wins and losses about his team dealing with injuries and youth.... ITS COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Be ready for injuries and youth. I don't want to hear it anymore.
Clay has never fully embraced how high the standards are at USC. If they aren't high anymore then keep him, that will send a message to your fanbase. Lynn Swann didn't fire Helton after a 5-7 and that got him fired. Pat Haden is universally despised because he extended the guy.
Helton teams are consistently inconsistently. They are 13-11 over the last two seasons and that is exactly what Clay Helton. It isn't going to change.

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