Jackie Slater Shares His Thoughts On Myles Garrett And Mason Rudolph

jackie slater

Jackie Slater joins Petros and Money to discuss the brawl that went down in the final seconds of the Pittsburgh Steelers-Cleveland Browns game.

On the hit from Myles Garrett:

I don't think think there's one person in America that wasn't just absolutely shocked to see that. It is unforgivable there's no doubt about it. I think when that moment occurred, it gave football fans the opportunity to just ponder what must be going on in the heart of a superior gifted athlete when he is competing.
The football game is over! The Cleveland Browns are about to beat their nemesis and the here is one of the stars of the team who should be celebrating came up and snatching the helmet off the quarterback.

Listen to the conversation above!

Photo: Getty Images

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