Gary Vitti Discusses Magic, Kobe, And The Time Byron Scott Gave Him A Gun

Former longtime Lakers trainer, Gary Vitti, was in studio with Fred Roggin and Rodney Peete to discuss how he figured out Magic Johnson had HIV before anyone else, how he and other Lakers players and officials feel responsible for the Shaq-Kobe feud, the time Byron Scott gave him a gun during the LA riots, why Kobe Bryant was not exceptionally talented compared to other NBA players.

Gary Vitti on when Byron Scott gave him a gun:

That is the same night the police officers who beat up Rodney King were acquitted. Byron came in the training room whispers in my ear did you hear what happened to Reginald Denny? Well you aren't going to be Reginald Denny and he put a .45 glock on my desk.

Gary Vitti on when he found out Magic Johnson had the HIV virus:

That moment was such a tough moment. He told me, when god gave me this disease, he gave it to the right person. I was so impressed with his courage.

Gary Vitti on how Kobe Bryant was as talented as people thought

What if I told you if Kobe Bryant was talented but not talented. If you look at Kobe, there's nothing special about him psychically. He not only worked hard, but he worked very intelligently.

Listen to the complete below!

Photo: Getty Images

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