Bucks' Eric Bledsoe Just Ran the Worst Sideline Play in Basketball History

Eric Bledsoe used to be one of the best young players in the NBA but now he’s found himself as the protagonist in one of the dopiest plays you’ll ever see that will surely find itself on basketball blooper reels for the rest of time.

The Milwaukee Bucks combo guard was about to inbound the ball from the other end of the court, but once he was handed the ball from the referee he started moving forward and dribbling like he had just received permission to advance the puck on a hockey penalty shot.

Bledsoe starting streaking down the court with the basketball like he was on a fast break, before befuddled officials blew the whistle for the obvious violation.

The Fox Sports regional commentators doing the game were stunned, with Clippers’ color commentator and former NBA player Corey Maggette astonishingly uttering ‘Wait a minute, did you see what Eric Bledsoe just did??He just dribbled the basketball… Wait, wait, wait, I’m sorry, this is shocking.'

The video instantly went viral with users on Twitter even saying the NBA will ‘randomly’ drug test Bledsoe after the game. (LOL)

Bledsoe told TMZ after the game ‘Oh, that s**t was funny. It happens man!”

Bledsoe tweeted this morning “Playas F*** Up’ with a hysterically laughing emoji, obviously realizing that he had become the punchline of NBA Twitter for the night.

Check out some of the hilarious responses to Bledsoe’s blunder.

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