Twitter Believes They Have Found Antonio Brown's Burner Account

If we are to believe our eyes, it appears that wide receiver Antonio Brown is the latest major sports figure to get involved in the burner Twitter account craze according to many people on Twitter.

Writer Marcus Mosher tipped Twitter off to the possibility that the account @tav58111115 might be run by AB himself. The account was made on this day and has six tweets, all of which are defending Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown Tweets 'F**k the NFL' a Week Before Sexual Assault Meeting

Just when it looked like disgraced former All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown might just get back into the NFL at the halfway point of the season, the blunder-prone social media nutcase torpedoed his standing with the league once again.

Brown proudly tweeted 'Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this is unfairly! Making money off my sweat and blood. F**k the NFL. I’ll never play in that S**t. Treat black people the worse! Clear my name and go F**k yourself.'

The profanity laced tweet was just a week before Brown was supposedly scheduled to meet with the league to discuss his side of the story regarding the two sexual assault allegations that were levied against Brown this summer.

His former trainer alleged in a civil lawsuit that Brown raped her, and another woman who was an artist painting a mural at Brown’s home at the time, alleged sexual misconduct by Brown when he apparently stood before her fully nude while she was painting, holding just a towel over his genitals. The woman also alleges Brown and another woman had sex while she was still in the room.

The league reportedly interviewed Brown’s trainer, Britney Taylor, for 10 hours on September 16th.

ESPN had been reporting that a handful of teams were waiting on the NFL’s investigation to wrap up, and would have still been very interested in acquiring Brown if the legitimacy of the allegations began to unravel.

Brown then followed up his viral tweet with a post on Instagram appearing to be in the gym working out with the caption 'F*** the NFL. I’m going down another path. No more making money off my blood and sweat! No more control of my name and body. Clear my name. I am done with it! So you fantasy f**ks can let it go.'

Antonio Brown's Instagram

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