Kendrick Perkins Sounds Off On Load Management

kendrick perkins

Former NBA Player Kendrick Perkins joins the Petros and Money show to discuss his stance on load management and why the league should address this.

Kendrick Perkins On Load Management:

I'm sure the NBA is not pleased with this because if you think about it, the players are able to get paid the way they are getting paid because of the fans and sales. When the fans come to the game and buy merchandise, that is why Kawhi can get almost $33 million this season. We are talking about Week 3 of the NBA season.
You know how many people would die to be in Kawhi Leonard's shoes? I can name every player in the G-League. I just don't approve of this.
The bad part about this is it is contagious. Russell Westbrook just had a load management in Memphis.

On How To Fix Load Management:

How about not practicing or how about managing his minutes during the game? There's ways around this than just missing the game. It messed up my whole day.

Listen to the conversation below!

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