Clayton Kershaw Speaks On The Increase Of Home Runs In The MLB

Clayton Kershaw joins the Dan Patrick Show to talk about his close friend Matthew Stafford.

On a fight he got involved with after a late hit on Matthew Stafford:

Matthew got late hit one time and i was kind of big and chunky on the line. Your QB gets hit and you get a little bit frustrated so the next play was a cut block play where it was a short pass. I gave him a sucker punch at the end and I got tossed.

On more guys hitting HR's and making the baseball better:

If you make good pitches you are going to get guys out and it is just funny to me that it is so secretive. Lets just come out and be honest, it is not going to change anything. Something has to be different, the amount of HR's is insane.

Listen to the conversation below!


Photo: Getty Images

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