Former Cincinnati Reds P Rob Dibble On The Struggles Of Pitching

Former Reds closer and World Series Champion Rob Dibble joins the Petros and Money show to discuss the Dodgers at this point in the season and what they need to do to win a World Series.

You guys are the best team in baseball I don't know why you guys are panicking. When your best pitches isn't working.
It is a game built on failure and you are constantly debating what is working and what is not working. Listen, I would go through stretches where even my fastball were 95 MPH and guys were ripping it everywhere. Your job is to get to the job done and they gotta figure out how to get people out. Same thing with Joe Kelly and same with all the other guys. When your best pitches aren't working you go to Plan B and Plan C but the bottom line is do your job.

Listen to the conversation below!

rob dibble

Photo: Getty Images

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