Clayton Kershaw Talks Shooting Challenge With Teammates/PingPong4Purpose

David Vassegh catches up with Clayton Kershaw talks about being the 3-point shooting champion, PingPong4PurporseEvent, and his pregame meal.

Kershaw on his PingPong4Purpose Event:

Bryan Cranston said he would host again. He is such a great guy and an advocate. We are going to honor Brad and Kim Paisley for there opening called "The Store in Nashville. Just highlighting all the stuff they do in the community.

Kershaw on the Dodgers this year in 2019:

Freezer is great. To see the impact of this guy in the clubhouse, it is something you can't really explain. He is a big piece for us no doubt.

Listen to the conversation below!

Kershaw's Challenge PingPong4Purpose Event:

clayton kershaw

Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo

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