Jerry West Discusses The Clippers Getting Kawhi Leonard And Paul George

Jerry West joins the Dan Patrick Show to discuss getting Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in one night and how they will compete next year with the rest of the league.

On getting Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in one day:

Well it was a pretty good Friday night a few days ago. It was a pretty special day for Southern California basketball partricularly with the two guys the Lakers have in LeBron and Anthony.

On the role he played getting Kawhi Leonard:

Very small. Our front office is very terrific Lawrence Frank, Michael Winger, Trent Redden. In this league today, it is so different I have never seen anything like it. I guess it is the modern day NBA.
Those players talked. If Kawhi didn't have influence on Paul, we probably wouldn't been able to make a deal with Oklahoma City.

Listen the conversation below!

Jerry West

Photo: Getty Images

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