Coffee Chain Bans Kawhi Leonard And Paul George For Joining Clippers

Not everybody in Los Angeles seems thrilled about the Clippers acquiring both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George over this past weekend.

According to Farley Elliott of Eater LA, he suggests the ban towards Kawhi Leonard and Paul Goerge was a move by Alfred owner and L.A. native Josh Zad. Eater LA reached out to Zad to get more details as to why.

The account put out a message on Instagram that said this:

"We reserve the right to refuse service to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and anyone else affiliated with the Clippers Organization.

After the moves happened this past weekend, fans are already riled up for what will be a huge rivalry at the Staples Center this season. The Lakers and Clippers will both be expected to be at the top of the Western Conference come playoff time and could possibly meet up in the Western Conference Semi-Finals or even the Western Conference Finals.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: via @alfred Instagram

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