Manny Machado Bets His Contract Padres Will Win World Series Before Dodgers

Have you ever made a $300 million dollar bet before?

When Manny Machado was standing near the on-deck circle at Dodger Stadium, Machado had a quick exchange with a Dodgers fan who was sitting near the front. The fan first told Machado that he will be getting the "next 10 Octobers off" after he signed with the Padres. Machado responded right back to the fan.

I bet you my contract we'll win a World Series before you guys do.

Manny Machado as of today is batting .272 and has hit 20 home runs on the season while bringing in 57 runs. But the Dodgers currently hold the best record in baseball being the first team winning 60 games after they defeated the San Diego Padres on 4th of July.

We will have to see the next 10 years what will happen.

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