Matt 'Money' Smith On Kawhi's Decision, Load Management

Matt 'Money' Smith rants about the two things that really bother him about the Kawhi Leonard situation.

On Kawhi's camp preventing 0 leaks:

Why does he have to make sure there's 0 leaks? You are boring! There's nothing exciting about your off the court life that would lead anybody to leak anything about it. The idea that you are going to pick the Raptors, Lakers, Clippers on some honor test...
The man hasn't tweeted anything in FOUR YEARS! Kawhi Leonard doesn't pay attention to social media, leaks shouldn't matter.

Load Management:

Kareem Abdul Jabbar played 81 games when he was FREAKIN 40 years old. what do you need load management for?

Listen to the conversation below!


Photo: Getty Images

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