Alex Verdugo On Not Shying Away From The Moment, Fans Running On The Field

Alex Verdugo joins Roggin and Rodney to talk about the big weekend for the Dodgers, what it has been this season making such a big impact, and fans running out on the field to hug Cody Bellinger.

How the big stage never gets to him:

I've always wanted that opportunity. We all hate to fail but for for me, I want to be given an opportunity to fail in that big situation. I just want to be put up in there because what is the worst that happens? You strike out, you don't get the job done? If that is the worst that can happen, let me go up there and show you what could happen.

Alex Verdugo on his reaction of the fans running on the field:

I'm laughing. You have to give these girls a side hug or something she's about to get arrested. Make it worth it. His after reaction is always the best.

Listen to the conversation below!


Photo: Getty Images

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