Justin Turner Talks About The Importance Of David Freese

Justin Turner joins Petros and Brady Quinn to talk about Cody Bellinger, the season the Dodgers are having, and the All-Star Game.

I'm pretty close to being a full go, it allows me to take a few days off and take some time to get right.

On Cody Bellinger:

It has been pretty special. I get to see all the work he has been putting in in the cage and behind the scenes.

On David Freese:

He's legend. He's got that fire that he wants to win, succeed, willed his way to have success. Everything he does on the field, but it is the stuff you don't see behind the scenes. The ability to just be raw and say what he is thinking. When we lost game 5 of the World Series, it was the first thing I told Andrew Friedman, i said 'hey we need to bring this guy back."

VOTE JUSTIN TURNER into the All-Star Game: https://www.mlb.com/dodgers/fans/all-star-ballot-offers

justin turner

Photo: Getty Images

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