Walker Buehler Talks About The Dominance Of Starting Pitching This Year

Walker Buehler joins David Vassegh to talk about the dominance of starting pitching this year, Ryu's play this season, and more!

On how Ryu has been pitching this year:

Obviously he is throwing the ball really well. You think just the feel and the finess and the command that he brings to the mound is incredible. The other thing is, his presence is big dude and he could overwhelm you and is not because of the velocity, you almost feel like it is easy sometimes.

Friendly competition with the starting pitchers:

I think the culture is great here, the Los Angeles Dodgers have always had good starting pitching and we feed off each other. I couldn't be in a better position to have guys in the rotation to learn from, to talk to, and I'm just lucky to be a part of that.

Listen to the conversation below!

walker buehler

Photo: Getty Images

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