Kawhi Leonard's Sister Deletes Video Saying Brother Will Leave Raptors

Kawhi Leonard’s sister, Miesha Slayton, took to Instagram Live after the Toronto Raptors’ Game 6 win against the Milwaukee Bucks to interact with fans and join in on the celebration. At one point in the video, a male voice came up from the background and said something that had social media erupting.

“They know darn well he ain’t going to be there next year.”

Slayton quickly deleted the story once it started making the rounds on social media and even responded in an Instagram post.

No more live videos for me. I got haters all around me. Yall hear someone HATIN in the background and run with it smh. Go Raptors!

It’s been long assumed that Leonard was going to spend a year with the Raptors and explore other opportunities next season. His heroic playoff run and Finals appearance has Toronto hoping that might be enough to keep him.

Game 1 of The NBA Finals between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors begins this Tuesday in Toronto.

Photo: Getty Images

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