Kendrick Perkins On Kevin Durant, Lakers Situation, And Drake

Kendrick Perkins joins the Petros and Money show to talk about the Lakers this offseason, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis to the Lakers, and what he thinks about flopping in the NBA today.

Kendrick Perkins on Kevin Durant's next team:

He is going to be the face of the franchise. He is going to be in one of the big markets and lead his own team.

Kendrick Perkins on what is going to happen with the Lakers:

In my opinion, I think the Lakers land Anthony Davis in a trade. Anthony Davis wants out and I think he deserves to be out.

Kendrick Perkins on the All-NBA selection:

I was more disturbed about Rudy Gobert making the 3rd All-NBA team. You leave out Klay Thompson, Karl Anthony-Towns and Anthony Davis. Rudy Gobert averaged 15 points this year, Karl Anthony-Towns and Anthony Davis were all 25 point scorers.

Listen to the conversation below!

kendrick perkins

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