REPORT: Clippers Emerge As A Threat To Sign Kevin Durant This Summer

Over the past few months, many people speculated that Kevin Durant will be signing with the New York Knicks as soon as the free agency period opens up. According to Mark Stein, that may not be the case and that the Clippers have a great shot at signing Durant away from the Knicks and Warriors.

"Within the last month, very smart and plugged-in people I have consulted say that the Los Angeles Clippers have emerged as an equally dangerous threat to the Knicks to sign Durant away from Golden State,"Marc Steinof theNew York Times wrote Tuesday. "And I believe it."

Kevin Durant's agent also made an appearance and said that the rumors of him already deciding where to go is false and hasn't even made up his mind yet.

"That is 100% undecided and I'm waiting on Kevin. That's the truth... He really doesn't know & I really don't know."

The Knicks and Clippers will go into the summer with more than $50 million in cap space and could even sign another superstar to go along with Durant. Durant can enter free agency this offseason by declining his $31.5 million option for 2019-20. 

Photo: Getty Images

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