Frank Vogel On Being Named Head Coach, Jason Kidd, And LeBron James

New Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel joins the Petros and Money show to talk about what to expect from him this season with the Lakers.

On how he ended up with the job after Tyronn Lue passed on it:

Ty Lue was involved in potentially taking the job and talked to me about coming aboard as an assistant coach and ultimately decided not to take the job.
Ty was great and I asked him his opinion on the whole deal and he was very supportive. My early conversations were very positive and it will be a very good fit.

On how Jason Kidd ended up on the staff:

Rob Pelinka and Kurt Rambis suggested i should talk to him and my initial reaction is that he fits the model of who I what I want as my assistant coaches. I always try to get a respected former player with coaching experience.
J-Kidd is a fiercely competitive guy a serious guy and he has been a great coach.

On the difference in terms of media coverage:

Todays individual press conference was different because of circumstances out of my control. But when you focus on the task in front of me, it is not too different.

frank vogel

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