(WATCH): Chase Utley Takes Call From Angry Mets Fan On NY Radio Show

Former Dodger second baseman Chase Utley was a guest on WFAN's "Boomber and Gio." Of course, Utley doesn't

The first caller came after him and asked Utley if he should have been suspended for the slide in Game 2 of the 2015 NLDS between the Mets and Dodgers.

“Hey. Well, Mr. Utley, I just want to say to you, real quick, I do appreciate you’ve worked with dogs and kids. I’ve heard about that, good for you. But that’s the last thing I’m going to tell you I really respect about you. If I came out here and you were telling me, ‘You know, I liked being the villain, I didn’t really care, it was fun for me, it was part of the game,’ I might’ve even respected that a little bit more, but it doesn’t really seem like you care about anything. I just need you to know, as Mets fans, how annoying it was to come and watch you. I mean, I respect that you’re a good player, I understand that, but when you took out my shortstop in the playoffs, that wasn’t about talent. That was just being dirty. And I don’t care how long you tell me that was just you being old school, that was you being dirty, because that’s what you do.”

Chase Utley just had one response for the Mets fan:

“Thank you, Cali. I appreciate that. See ya, sweetheart.”

Just a few months ago, SportsNet LA announced that Chase Utley will join the broadcast team as a studio analyst in 2019.

Utley, who announced his retirement last year, played for the Dodgers from 2015–18 at the end of a 16-year career that included six All-Star nods during his nearly 13-yr tenure with the Phillies.

Photo: Getty Images

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