Frank Caliendo Tried To Prank Cardinals Into Trading First Pick To Raiders

Comedian Frank Caliendo used his array of NFL impressions to prank the Cardinals, which could have caused some early mayhem just ahead of the NFL Draft.

In an appearance on the The Dan Patrick Show, Frank Caliendo said that he that he called Arizona Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim using Jon Gruden’s voice and offered a trade involving Murray and Nick Bosa.

“So, I’m sending Steve Keim messages from Jon Gruden. ‘I tell you what, man. I love you, brother. I got an idea. How about you draft somebody else at No. 1. How about you draft [Nick] Bosa at No. 1. And then I’ll draft Kyler Murray at No. 4. We’ll make a trade. I’ll give you my 27th pick, you give me a second-rounder. We have the best trade ever, man. I think it works out for both teams.”

*Watch the rest of the interview above*

Photo: Dan Patrick Show Screenshot

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