Dodgers Fan Creates Petition To Have A Pedro Baez Bobblehead Night

The Dodgers have many upcoming bobblehead nights scheduled that will be featuring Corey Seager, Clayton Kershaw, Max Muncy (which was just announced this past Friday), Joe Kelly, Steve Garvey and more!

On September 27th, 2019 the Dodgers have a scheduled bobblehead but the name as of right now is TBD. One fan decided to start a petition to have a Pedro Baez bobblehead night on September 27th. Here is what the petition read:

Pedro Baez has become not only a fan favorite, but his dominant pitching has made him an extremely important part of the Dodgers bullpen.
For years his contributions were overlooked, and we feel that 2019 is the perfect time for Dodgers fans (and hopefully ownership!) to thank "Petey" with this petition, and in turn a bobblehead night in his honor.
Please consider a Pedro Baez bobblehead night in 2019. We support him, and would love to honor him with a night celebrating his importance to this team and this city!

So far, there has been over 800 people to sign the petition

Photo: Getty Images

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