(WATCH): Kobe Bryant Plays Beyonce's Dad 1-On-1 In Basketball

What a throwback this is.

On Thursday, Mathew Knowles (the father of Beyonce Knowles) posted this throwback video of himself and Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant playing 1-on-1 in basketball.

Check out this video of me and Kobe shooting some hoops on the Bug A Boo video set. If you know me then you know I love playing ball!

Mathew Knowles stands at 6-foot-4 and played college basketball at Fisk University late in the 1970's. In the second half of the footage, you see Knowles blow right by Kobe Bryant for an easy bucket.

Many people have wondered how Kobe Bryant and Beyoncé's paths crossed. If you remember Kobe Bryant was featured on remix of Destiny Child‘s “Say My Name” from The Writings On The Wall. Yes, Destiny’s Chid’s highest selling album technically has a Kobe feature.

Photo: Getty Images

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