Dave Roberts On Joe Kelly And The Latest On Hyun-Jin Ryu

Dave Roberts joins the Petros and Money show to talk about the Dodgers hot start, the latest on Ryu's injury, and the struggles of Joe Kelly. (19 MINUTE MARK)

Dave Roberts on Ryu's injury:

He had that groin injury last year that was very severe. I don't for see it being that long, he was actually surprised that we were going to put him on the IL but we will take it day by day.

Dave Roberts on Joey Kelly:

My confidence in him will not waiver as long as he is believing in himself he is working hard to get through this. There's always a story where a guy gets off to a rough start at the beginning of the season and it is always more magnified. I am not too concerned about him.

Listen to the conversation!

Photo: Getty Images

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