Russell Martin Talks About The Moment He Got To Pitch Vs. Arizona

Russell Martin joins Roggin and Rodney to talk about pitching with the Dodgers and coming back to where it all started.

Russell Martin on coming back to the Dodgers:

Back in the city I wish I was here for my whole career. I really love my time here and now I had a second chance. Now I feel like this team is really close to winning a championship so I want to get over that hump.

Russell Martin on pitching this weekend:

I can't remember having a better time on the baseball field than that moment. It only took me 1,612 games to get on the mound. They told me to be careful and I did and a part of me said i just want to let one loose.
The efficiency. 3 up 3 down. Keep it simple.

Listen to the conversation below!

russell martin

Photo: Getty Images

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