Julio Urías Will Go Back To The Bullpen When Kershaw Or Hill Returns

After starting last night for, manager Dave Roberts made it clear on Tuesday that Julio Urías will go back to the bullpen once his starters get healthy.

Urías was incredible in his first start of the season (first in nearly two years), holding the Giants to no runs and striking out seven over five innings. Manager Dave Roberts said Tuesday the 22-year-old will be headed to the bullpen when either Clayton Kershaw or Rich Hill returns from injury.

Although Urias can continue to make a case as a first-choice option to get back in the rotation in the event of another injury, the Dodgers have made it clear all Spring Training that they will be putting an innings limit on the 22-year old Urías and ease him back this season after major shoulder surgery.

Dave Roberts also said Julio Urias could make two more starts if Hill or Kershaw isn’t ready to return by next homestand.

Photo: Getty Images

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