Jerry West "Shared A Hearty Laugh" After Pulling Off The Zubac Trade

According to a report, LA Clippers’ consultant Jerry West shared a laugh at Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers after they traded Ivica Zubac to them.

The Clippers got their starting center in a trade that was considered by many as a steal. They only gave up Mike Muscala which was a player that they had acquired as a part of a trade that sent SF Tobias Harris to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The report indicated that the Clippers didn't even contact the Lakers about the 21-year-old center. The Lakers reached out to the Clippers and quickly made the offer, which the Jerry West and the Clippers front office accepted.

The real test to get better will be this summer for both the Lakers and Clippers. Players like Jimmy Butler, Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving will all be free agents that the Lakers and Clippers will be pursuing. We will see this summer if the Clippers can create a bigger gap away from the Lakers in the Western Conference.

Photo: Getty Images

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