Shaq Once Ate A Four-Course Steak Dinner Just Minutes Before A Game

Shaquille O'Neal was known for being so dominant on the court but he also had some pretty incredible stories off the court.

One story about Shaq was told by his former Miami Heat teammate Udonis Haslem, which comes from Shandel Richardson from The Athletic. Haslem recalls the time where Shaq ate a full steak dinner at his locker just minutes before they were about to run out on the floor for a game.

"When he finished it, I was like, 'Welp, big fella ain't with us for the game."

In all honesty, how many people could've gotten away with half the Shaq pulled today? When Shaq was playing, he was never afraid to speak his mind or do anything out of the usual which is why he was loved by many.

Photo: Getty Images

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